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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Textural Inspiration For My Crafts

Hi All,
Sorry I have not been here for some time but I have had SO many problems with Blogger. All the experts failed but Megan managed to solve all the issues in about 1/2 hour!!!!!
Textures for my crafts has been on my mind recently having seen so much gorgeous creativity from folk on Facebook and Pinterest. They are all so talented and I have become to feel rather stale in what I am doing and thought I would go back to grass roots and start looking at how I create the base for my projects etc. So today no personal creativity but some natural textures found in my garden that I am hoping to reproduce....... (although Nature herself is the best Crafter).... in my projects in the near future.
So here is a selection I intend to work with over the next few weeks.

This is the bark from the old Twisted Willow that plays centre stage in our garden.Love the depth of the cracks and crevices and the asymmetry of the texture. I am usually so symmetrical....... a touch of O.C.D.  I sometimes feel !

This is the beautiful stone brickwork that our farmhouse is built with. Again all of the stones are different in size and shape., so another idea for me to remember when crafting.

These are two pics of the white Silver Birch we have. At the moment it is loosing it's bark but then will be pure white. It is so beautiful. Below is a close up but I hope in the other you can see the peeling of the bark better. Hopefully I will remember this when paper crafting and curl my edges,age my papers, only partly cover areas or layer more to reveal things beneath!!! thank you tree for the inspiration!!

Living on old Farmland we are plagued by perennial weeds. In a bid to overcome this we have barked many areas. Again love all the textures here and the non-uniformity. I see this everyday but will now look at it in different light to see its inspiration in all winds and weathers.
Here is a group of tiny wee mushrooms, they are growing on the damp bark in a really shaded area of the garden, but what miniature beauties they are !!!!!!!
This fish water spout is on our wall, it's an old weathered carp. This is to inspire me to not be afraid to use textures together which are in stark contrast both in form and beauty. So love how the ivy has grown around this naturally.
This is the brick that forms part of the farmhouse we live in. Some of the old paint that was from the dairy barns is still visible. When it was built and other areas knocked down all the reclaimed bricks etc were used in the building of new areas . Loving the mix of lichen paint and soot on these. Again to remind me to really mix colour and textures!!

Humble gravel. Yes but look closely and see all the colour, shapes, and sizes, that all come together in such a random fashion and yet all  look so comfortable with each other in their difference!!!! Now that something to achieve.!!!

Last but not least the bark of the Fir tree which stands majestically in the garden and towers over all other trees shrubs and plants. This is a wonderful specimen, but as I looked at it today I saw something else!!!!!!!. It had a tear in it's eye as if to be grieving over the end of summer . Hope you too can see what I see!!??
This is to help me in my craft to not feel frightened of using things and making them appear something else or a little different from the norm.!!!! i.e. think outside the box more!!!
Well that's all for today. I do hope that you have enjoyed this post on some of the textures in my garden and how they are my inspiration for some future works.  will also be popping these onto my Pinterest board where there is a lot more inspiration for texture. Just put in carol tadden or Texture, texture and more texture.
Thanks for stopping by and any comments you chose to leave.
Carol xx


  1. Hello Carol,
    I do enjoy seeing all your texture photos. I too have many just like you. I love texture, and especially nature's textures. All your images are fab. You do a beautiful job.

  2. This so reminds me of the kind of photos that I used to collect/take when I was doing my City & Guilds creative embroidery course!

    Glad you like the September inkiness, I'm now eagerly awaiting the October tag though I doubt I'll have the right stuff! I'll also have to wait until we get home before I can get creative.