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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Through the mask with Splodge Away

 Hi All,
This week the  SplodgeAway Design Team are showcasing their creations by using the masks to ink through doodle through, paint through and many other techniques. Please pop over there for some great inspiration
I have chosen to work on with a section of a mask and use the Gesso Squelch Technique which I so love. You can create so much texture with this technique. It is the first time I have attempted it THROUGH a mask but it worked really well all bar a few small areas where I was  a little over enthusiastic with pressing the sheets together!!!!!
Well here is the bookmark and below a brief outline of how it was achieved.
I began by applying the Gesso over the mask and about a centimetre outside of my chosen area, using a spatula. The next step was to cover a similar sized are of blank card with a liberal coating of more Gesso. ( The thicker the Gesso the greater the texture). The mask was left on and the two pieces of card placed on top of each other, Gesso sides together, to sandwich the mask. A brayer was used over the top and run in all directions. The top card was then peeled away to leave a rippled effect, then the mask was removed. This area has no Gesso and is easy to highlight.
The next stage was to dry the Gesso on quite a high heat with a heat gun so that the Gesso bubbles and gives even more texture!
Hopefully you can see this texture above although the picture is a little dark sorry!!
Finally the whole was coloured using distress inks in various shades and the textured and raised areas were given a highlight of cosmic shimmer.
Loved trying this technique with the mask and hope you will have a go to. It's a very simple but I think quite an effective use of the masks.
Hope you enjoyed seeing it.
Till next time
Happy Crafting
Carol xx


  1. Fab technique Carol, I've not tried it, but certainly fancy having a go! The texture created is fab, love the end result of your Bookmark, funny how we both did bookmarks for this theme! Xx

  2. You are so lucky to be able to attend workshops - I live way back in the mountains and no workshops really in my area. But so glad there are people on line to tell us how they do things and thank goodness for You tube!