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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

SplodgeAway Easy Ink Card Review.......Tested out with various watercolour techniques

Hi Everyone,
Well here I am again and this time this I am trialling and putting through its paces the SplodgeAway Easy Ink card.  This is my review, but please pop over to their blog and read the reviews of this great card as it has also shown itself to be superb for blending inks!!! I so love water colouring so read on and see what I thought about it

Well this time it is my turn to trial and test the Easy Ink Card. I have to say I really did put it through it's paces in several ways. I guessed a lot of the other Design Team would use it to show blending, so as I love to watercolour, all of my samples are geared towards that ........and I have to say water in varying quantities!!!!!

None of these items are difficult in themselves, but that was not my aim. Here it was to see how the paper held up to different watercolour mediums, different treatments and to see how strong it would remain.
Here's my first item. A simple stamped image on an easel card, matted and layered, but the pleasure was in the colouring. I used watercolour crayons for this. They moved easily over the card and the blending was easy. The water droplets are from Designs By Ryn and they just fitted my rainy day image. The Easy Ink Card was given a wash of pale blue following the stamping. the card remained
firm and flat.
My second is a pair of bookmarks. This time I created the background, by soaking a sponge in water and colouring the Lyra watercolour crayons directly onto the sponge. I really wanted a soft effect and believe me the sponge was soaked!!! The Easy Ink Card was randomly sponged with various colours, making sure I dried between colours. Again, I was surprised how the card stood up to this treatment....but...it didn't warp or wrinkle. Great!! I added a few swirls to one and some butterflies to the other from SplodgeAway masks and stamped the " this book belongs to....." and again water
coloured the image this time with watercolour pencils.
For the third sample I decided to take things a bit further with the water!!! I soaked the paper first and then with a wide brush went in with  colours in order of the rainbow. WOW did they blend easily. Not satisfied I decided to then cut them into 1cm. strips and weave them. The card was brilliant for this too after drying. Again it didn't disintegrate, there was no horrible bobbling and it remained firm and flat. I sponged the base card as before and punched flowers from some of the card left over from weaving....a few gems were also added.
Finally, this is a photograph of a painting in my bathroom, which inspired me to create the following piece to further test the quality of the Easy Ink card.

Lastly but not least, I went all out for deep colour, lots of water, lots of colour on colour to see what would happen. I was thrilled. If you pop in to my blog you will see the inspiration for this piece. I coated the card with a thick cream water colour base and then progressed in bold blocks with other shades of blue , drying after each layer. No bobbling, no wrinkling, still smooth and flat. The vase was stamped and then gingham paper attached and the flowers stamped, by masking. A great free Craft Stamper stamp. It looked good but to really test wanted to try and get a bleached effect on the flowers but only using water to dilute the bold background of the flowers. Have to say it took a while but the colours muted as I wanted and the card....well it literally took everything I could throw at it in regards to watercolours and water. It stood up so well.
Brilliant card, loved it best of all as it didn't bobble or wrinkle and remained firm.

Hope you're all going to try it you won't be disappointed.!!!Have I tempted you to buy some Easy Ink? The Easy Ink is available from the SplodgeAway website priced at £4.99 for 25 A4 sheets.

Happy Crafting till next time
Carol xx


  1. Wow! What a workout Carol :-) I shall have to put some on my "to buy" list!


  2. Fantastic work Carol. I bought some of this with my mat but I haven't used it yet. You have inspired me to give it a go. Kate x

  3. Carol your work is beautiful x

  4. Fabulous projects here Carol, those bookmarks are adorable xx

  5. The card looks great, but wow at your projects. Love the colouring on e first, adore the background marbling on the second. That's an amazing technique with the wet sponge, I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for the inspiration. Maddy x