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Monday, 13 May 2013

Cracked Clay and Egyptology....inspired.... me....... BIG TIME !!!!

Hi All,.
For the first time in a long time I have  created a card that was actually inspired by 2 things in particular, rather than just letting things happen. I found a long lost postcard bought at the Tutankhamun Exhibition in London, some years ago in an old box of memories and have just received a new Cracked Clay Mask from SplodgeAway. These were the basis for my make.. Here is my inspiration!!!!
For those of you who know me it will be no surprise to hear of my fascination with Egyptology....this has been the case since I was very young and oh did I want to travel there and join a dig and discover new mysteries!!1 In a way I still do, but mostly in my dreams as I hate flying and have never been there, but when asked, yes I can help you out with most questions about the Old Kingdom.
I wanted to create my own Relief and feature it on a card. It set my mind thinking of the craftsmanship and the sands and the dry heat and the cracked earth after the rains......I knew exactly what I wanted to do!!! and I had the PERFECT mask to help me out!!
So here is the finished result which I will run you through.
I have entitled this A Key To The Past
I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the result. This is made on a large 6x6 size white card. I began with the background and used Scattered Straw, and  Aged Mahogany Distress Inks to create the mottled background, using a SplodgeAway mat. Using the mask I added Spiced Marmalade Distress Ink to create the cracking effect. I was pleased with how it looked, but wished I had given it texture, so hence the background for the  central panel. I used Terra paste in Moroccan over the mask removed the mask and washed in warm water quickly!!!!. Dried the paste off gently with the heat gun and VOILA....brill textured cracking.

Now from my postcard inspiration I wanted to think of the way to create a relief........several aborted attempts and then EUREKA!!!. Decided that white air dry clay would give the right feel and texture. Rolled some out and then Stamped it with a beautiful Egyptian Elusive Images Rubber Stamp Plate. I tore the pieces apart that I wanted, guessing if I smashed it when dry I might ruin it!!! The impression is obviously indented not in relief, but looked pleasing. The worst part was waiting overnight for it to dry!1 Patience is not one of my virtues.
Gently rubbed Scattered Straw and aged Mahogany over the clay and because it was indented it left the images white so they really were clear.

Thoughts next turned to papyrus and hieroglyphics, so whilst waiting for clay to dry, made the border......out of papyrus unfortunately, but had some woven trim I thought was in keeping and some Egyptian text paper. Coloured the paper with Scattered Straw and then crumpled the paper up. Unravelled it and swiped Aged Mahogany over it and ironed it all flat. What next still waiting!!!!!!......... clay not dry.  Mmmmmm..........MELTPOT !!! Haven't used this in a while and it has been on with Hels, so got out my moulds and of coarse had some Egyptian ones ,... that goes with out saying and that are among my favourites.
Made the Tutankhamun Head, the Mummy, key to the Kingdom and the little blocks in the melt pot....( The blocks were to signify the blocks used in the building of the Great Pyramids) Love this Mummy and have used it often, but can't remember the maker....apologies.
All that remained was to attach everything to the card. In fact I am keeping this for myself and putting it in a frame to remind myself of that wonderful exhibition and my on going love of the Old Kingdom.
Thank you to SplodgeAway for inspiring my initial thought for this and af course to Tutnkhamun.
hope you enjoyed seeing this I had so much fun creating it and will have so much pleasure in looking at it.
thanks also for any comments you choose to leave they are so appreciated.
Carol xx


  1. Wow Carol, it must have taken you forever, hope the person who receives the card is as pleased with the result as I think they should be, its fantastic !!!

  2. Carol this is absolutely amazing!!!
    I love it. It's so unusual, full of texture and all the elements brought together beautifully.
    Wow it's breathtaking xxxx

  3. Absolutely gorgeous Carol, I too am a Egypt fan but have never been & given the political situation it will probably stay that way.


  4. I too am totally obsessed with anything Egytian, tis fascinating... and I LOVE what you made!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for sharing with me x

  5. Wow, this is absolutely amazing Carol! I LOVE it. There's so much detail and texture, and it all ties together beautifully.
    Hugs, Janine xx

  6. WOW Carol this card is unreal!!! What a shame you won't fly (nor will Tom) but you obviously know alot about Egypt, so impressed xx

  7. Hi Carol, I love this, so much thought. I love a card/project with a story. I "bragging" have been to Egypt the museum is fabulous and I have always been fascinated with the writing and papyrus paper, have two pics hand painted in front of us - one is the Egyptian Wedding schene, will send you copy. Well done Carol you work is great. Sam

  8. Fabulous, once again you have excelled yourself. I love it, and great to see the finished card, after seeing the process. Gill

  9. WOW - I'm really impressed! You've created the perfect ancient Egyptian look for this card, with the fake papyrus paper, Tutankhamun's head, the mummy and my favorite detail - the stamped clay! Fantastic!

  10. This is very, very special. Love it!