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Hi, Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I'm Carol, married to Bill, with two children. I love to dabble in all types of crafty pursuits and enjoy nothing more than attending workshops and learning new techniques, which I then try to reproduce at home....sometimes with success!!!


Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hi Everyone, sorry no postings recently, life has been really hectic here with Cailean at home post op. Also, apologies for not having visited all your blogs!!!! Will soon get back in the swing of things!! This is just a little card I made for my Mum who is coming up for the Jubilee Celebrations. I couldn't resist this little Beefeater stamp!!

m off now to see if I can upload the second card for my sister, but seem to be having  trouble with it, but will attempt it again now!! Deep breath.....

Had to use this little guy again and love the London stamps I've just bought think they will prove very useful.The background is just distress inks and the images stamped and masked. After it was all put together, it seemed to me the little Beefeater looked a bit as if he was a tour guide, you know the type you see in London etc. holding up their sign for their group to follow!!! Then I thought no.....he looks like he's holding up the traffic just for me! SO..... with all that in mind I have named the card after that classic Ralph McTell song..... Let Me Take You By The Hand And Lead You Through The Streets Of London. It just seemed appropriate.

Well that's all for now folks as they say... hoping all is really well with you and yours and that you are enjoying your crafty moments. Until next time.
Carol x


  1. Hi Carol, he's really cute!! Love his bright red tunic. I must admit I'm finding all this London/UK/Jubilee stuff very tempting!! Was so odd, just came up to postthanks amd saw you had left me a comment - spooky huh! Love the card (what do you stamp on? The image is so crisp, is it silk art card?) The ATCs are gorgeous and thank you so much for the bag of goodies - those felt frames are gorgeous!! Told you I was bad at saying thanks, its been downstairs for nearly a week! I have been at work a lotlately though so my apologies. And thanks for your lovely comment (I've just seen another yummy project I want to try........) Hugs Cindy

  2. Great cards Carol, hope Cailean is doing ok now. The beefeater is very cute and I love how you have done the background collage (I have those stamps and never used them yet -bad girl ! )


  3. These are both very cute Carol and very topical! Hope all is well with you and your family. Vicky x

  4. Cute little guy indeed! We ara having a street party here so looking forward to that but no cute beefeaters in sight