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Monday, 21 May 2012

Behind The Screen

This is a view of the back of the screen and what is behind it................our gorgeous lady. So glad we don't have to wear all this now!!!! What  a to do getting undressed!!!

These are the two images of the screen flat, so that you can see the images a little more clearly, not brilliant photography, but think it show up well enough.

I got the idea for doing screens from a workshop I went to some years ago with Lina Elbourne. I've wanted to make a monochrome one for some time and now I have and it sits in a bathroom as that's also black and white and I thought the images suited the location too. I did say on the DC site that I would give a brief description of how to make this, so here goes, although I'm not too good at this so forgive me. Hope you can follow it, have included a few photos to help!!

1. Gather all the bits together you will need, these are shown in the picture below and include

2 A4 sheets of greyboard/ thick cardboard 
Papers of your choice in 2 contrasting patterns or colours
Embellishments, of your choice, e.g.buttons, flowers, charms, flourishes
Reel of ribbon
Adhesives, tape, glossy accents
Punches if desired
4 images
Ink pad in matching/contrasting colour
Bind it all machine,cropodial or whole puncher

2. Cut 4 pieces of greyboard, measuring10x21cms. Using a curved edge ( I used a C.D.) align at the top of the board and draw round with a pencil. Cut out. each piece the same.

3. Choose the 4 main images, I used the Dancing With Shadows Joanna Sheen C.D. for mine. Round all the corners with a punch.
Using 2 different papers, cover the greyboard on both sides, so that you have 2 of each pattern at the front and back of the screen
Glue into position and trim any overhang. Next use your ink pad to ink all the outer edges to mask the greyboard.

I used a Bind it all for the hole punching, but you could use a hole punch, cropodial or any other tool. If you are not using a Bindit all use a sheet of spare paper as a pattern for the position of the holes. This way you can be sure every piece will marry up with the next. You don't need as many as I have made, but enough to secure the pieces together so that it will stand up firmly.

5.You will need 5 pieces of ribbon. Each piece needs to be 3.5 times the height of your boards.
Starting at the bottom lace up the ribbon until you reach the top and tie firmly with a bow. Continue like this until all pieces are firmly held together........ and now the fun starts!!!!! Add you chosen images and embellish ti your hearts content!!!

Hope these instructions have been helpful and you enjoy making one, they can be made to suit any and every occasion!!
Let me know how you get on/.
Am entering this piece in the Anything goes blog Design Team call
The design team call out for
Will also be entering this for Make It Monday
Happy crafting moments
Carol x


  1. WOW! This is absolutely fab work! The papers and images you have used are beautiful, and the laced up ribbon really add that special, little extra. Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  2. Oh WOW I'm so gonna make this i just love it xx

    Sacha xx

  3. This is fabulous Carol, great tutorial too, must have a go soon x

  4. This is lovely Carol. I love the monochrome colour scheme, it suits the images so well. Jean x

  5. Thanks for this Carol will have to have a go. Great blog x

  6. This is beautiful Carol and your tutorial is very clear. I'm glad we don't have to wear all of this nowadays too - especially in weather like this! Vicky x

  7. hello yoo hooo lovely screen card ! i found your blog :)