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Hi, Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I'm Carol, married to Bill, with two children. I love to dabble in all types of crafty pursuits and enjoy nothing more than attending workshops and learning new techniques, which I then try to reproduce at home....sometimes with success!!!


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Megan's horse in Pastels and Charcoal

Just thught I would put this beautiful drawing up that Megan created, using pastels and charcoal!!!
 I do not have the patience nor will I ever have the talent to create something like this, but am so proud of her! It is part of her exam work for G.C.S.E. She so under estimates herself but this is a favourite of mine, so thought I would share it with you! I know you will enjoy seeing it, especially as she is only 16yrs.   A future artist, Who knows? I think I should get her to sign things what say?. 
Well happy crafting everyone
Carol x   


  1. This is fabulous. I think it would be a good idea for Megan to sign her work, she should be proud of it and be pleased to be known for it. Wishing her well with the exams. Jean x

  2. Thats amazing, brilliant work Megan ! Wow, is she 16 Carol? seems not long ago she was a little girl collecting buttons !


  3. Megan is a very talented young lady. She certainly should sign pieces like this. I hope her examiner gives her the credit she deserves. Kate x

  4. Thank You so much for Following Steam Tea Travels.
    We so appreciate your joining in the fun.
    Rose & Rhissanna

  5. That is a stunning piece by Megan - your daughter? I'll have to show it to my daughter when she's home from university.She's artistic like your Megan and is studying Illustration.
    I do hope your daughter achieves whatever she sets her heart on for the exams - a hard time for our children isn't it?
    Thanks for following me too Carol. 'See' you again soon.

  6. A very talented young lady.

    excellent work and she should sign her masterpieces.

    Sacha xx

  7. What a talent your daughter is Carol - this is stunning. She would have no trouble at all selling her work if she chose to I'm sure. Vicky x

  8. A beautiful drawing, your daughter is so talented :) x