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Hi, Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I'm Carol, married to Bill, with two children. I love to dabble in all types of crafty pursuits and enjoy nothing more than attending workshops and learning new techniques, which I then try to reproduce at home....sometimes with success!!!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A.T.C.S for DC

Hi everyone, it's been a while and hope this post finds you all well in enjoying your crafting. Am having fun on the DC site and meeting lots of new friends, which is great!! I'm hoping that I can keep up both and have set my intention to at least write/ create every few days. At least that's the theory, hope and desire!

Apologies for delay in updating my blog, but Cailean has been in Oxford in hospital, undergoing major surgery. At last he is home and recovering. but we know it will be a long road, but he's a determined young man and we know he will get there!!

So here are a few bits and bobs I've been making. Hope you enjoy looking and that I will be back with more very soon.

                  TRANQUIL SUNSET ATC

This is exactly where I would have liked to have been today!! We had the worst and longest hail storm I have ever seen!! It was like snow and settled on the ground for ages.

                                                                                                                 TIMELESS ATC
I was pleased how this eventually turned out although the picture is really not good. Thought at first it might be heading for the bin as I couldn't get the background to go as I wanted. In the end it all came together, thankfully!

This is sort of my take on steam punk and started by stamping onto bronze metal then embossing by hand. The background is made up a lot of different stamps and distressed to give a more masculine, vintage feel. I think the clock with wings is Paperartsy, but forgive me if I'm wrong. Have so enjoyed making these mini pieces of art, I'd forgotten how good it was to come back to. Luckily carolV also liked this one and asked to swap it after only being on the site 10mins!! So I was delighted!!

Well thats all for now folks as the saying goes!! As I said will try to blog a little more now things are settling down. Until then.....enjoy your crafting moments.
Love Carol xx


  1. aah so this is what happens when I'm at work, you put up great ATCs and I miss them LOL! You have to watch that Carol she's quick off the mark! Did you want to trade one of my steampunk ones? and Yes I did find the bottles I think they looked great. I think I left a comment.

    Now I'm looking at all this wonderful work and thinking.... isn't this the girl who said she wasn't 'up to my standard'? Think again hun, you are way up there!!! Trade with you any time. Cindy x

  2. Fabulous atcs Carol, saw you on DC !