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Hi, Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I'm Carol, married to Bill, with two children. I love to dabble in all types of crafty pursuits and enjoy nothing more than attending workshops and learning new techniques, which I then try to reproduce at home....sometimes with success!!!


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Megan's horse in Pastels and Charcoal

Just thught I would put this beautiful drawing up that Megan created, using pastels and charcoal!!!
 I do not have the patience nor will I ever have the talent to create something like this, but am so proud of her! It is part of her exam work for G.C.S.E. She so under estimates herself but this is a favourite of mine, so thought I would share it with you! I know you will enjoy seeing it, especially as she is only 16yrs.   A future artist, Who knows? I think I should get her to sign things what say?. 
Well happy crafting everyone
Carol x   

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Hi Everone,
Well it's another dreary day here, rain and hail...but whats new!! Everyone is busy here doing their own thing and I have had a lovely few hours playing with my ticket stamps mainly and distress inks.
Used them for all the colouring in various ways

I bought these key rings yonks ago in Hobby craft and they have just been sitting there!!! " have already been snaffled by my daughter and neighbour...must be doing something right!!

Hope you enjoy looking at them.

Please go to Carol Tadden on my docrafts gallery to view close ups of the front and back of each of these keyrings please......can't seem to up load onto my blog today.
Happy crafting, Carol x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Altered Mini Book

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all enjoying your crafting. Have just finished this mini alterd book and am quite pleased with how it's turned out. Can't remember quite where I saw this in the first place, but would like to thank those that inspired me to have a go!!

This actually looks bigger than it is !!  The book itself was 4x4 inches. Thought this would be a nice size for my first attempt. Chose the lavender colours so that they match my bedroom, or at least will when it's decorated!!

I began by folding each page in half towards the centre and then distreesed the pages with scattered straw and rusty hinge Distress Inks.......so glad at this point that I had not chosen to use a large volume of an encyclopedia!!!

The inside covers were covered with L Llewelyn vintage paper, lace distressed in mulled lavender and gems attached to highlight the lace,t he extra nice bit was to decide which bits then to add. I had to think in miniature and a lot of the things I wanted to use were too overpowering, (Have to do a larger book for these now!)  The book was on Palmistry originally and so I thought I would use deep and meaningful words that I could look at each day.

When finished I knew there was something missing so added the tassle and the cherub......job done.

Hope you like it and want to have a little go of this.

Happy crafting moments
Carol x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Birds !!

Hi Everone,
Spent a lovely hour today, listening and watching all th birds in the garden. Wood pigeons courting, busy robins, starlings and tits, all chirppily going about their business and I thought how lovely all their ddifferent sounds were. It reminded me of a saying on one of my stamps. So I created this simple little card to remind myself to stop, look and listen at some point in my busy day and just enjoy, for free, all that Nature provides us with.

Hope it makes you stop for a while to and listen!!

Happy crafting
Carol xx

Saturday, 14 April 2012

More A.T.C.'S !!!

Hi Everyone,
It seem I just can't get enough of these little pieces of art work at the moment. Am really enjoying myself getting messy and working on a small scale! It makes a change.Have basically played with my distress inks to colour the backgrounds, spritz, over ink etc.etc. Thought I'd try just a few colour combinations I don't normally put together .

Have had these brill Wendi Vecchi stamps and only used them once before, so today, cleared my desk and only allowed a minimum of inks and stamps!! How controlled am I?!

Couldn't resist putting a clear covering over the eye in each. But after I had done it I thought they looked a bit like a monocle and wasn't sure if I had done right, but hey ho. They're stuck inplace now, so I'll go with the flow!

Not a good shot of this one, the sun came out and cast a shadowso it looks a bit squiffy. This is my favourite and was made by spritzing the craft mat when I'd finished and using the wet distress as the background colour. Had seen this done but not tried it!! Waste not want not, as they say.

Well hope you've all ahd a good day. The sun has shone here and the spring flowers are looking great. Can't wait for my new Queen of the night tulips to bloom so I can see their colour!!

Oh such is life's simle pleasures......that reminds me, I have a stamp that says exactly that. Maybe tomorrow I'll use it!
Till next time, enjoy your crafting moments
Carol xx

p.s.does anyone know how I edit photos on my blog post? Wanted to crop all these and I probably have the facility, but not the brains!! Thanks

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A.T.C.S for DC

Hi everyone, it's been a while and hope this post finds you all well in enjoying your crafting. Am having fun on the DC site and meeting lots of new friends, which is great!! I'm hoping that I can keep up both and have set my intention to at least write/ create every few days. At least that's the theory, hope and desire!

Apologies for delay in updating my blog, but Cailean has been in Oxford in hospital, undergoing major surgery. At last he is home and recovering. but we know it will be a long road, but he's a determined young man and we know he will get there!!

So here are a few bits and bobs I've been making. Hope you enjoy looking and that I will be back with more very soon.

                  TRANQUIL SUNSET ATC

This is exactly where I would have liked to have been today!! We had the worst and longest hail storm I have ever seen!! It was like snow and settled on the ground for ages.

                                                                                                                 TIMELESS ATC
I was pleased how this eventually turned out although the picture is really not good. Thought at first it might be heading for the bin as I couldn't get the background to go as I wanted. In the end it all came together, thankfully!

This is sort of my take on steam punk and started by stamping onto bronze metal then embossing by hand. The background is made up a lot of different stamps and distressed to give a more masculine, vintage feel. I think the clock with wings is Paperartsy, but forgive me if I'm wrong. Have so enjoyed making these mini pieces of art, I'd forgotten how good it was to come back to. Luckily carolV also liked this one and asked to swap it after only being on the site 10mins!! So I was delighted!!

Well thats all for now folks as the saying goes!! As I said will try to blog a little more now things are settling down. Until then.....enjoy your crafting moments.
Love Carol xx