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Sunday, 19 September 2010

My Bargain Buy

Thought you may like to see a little bargain that I bought some time ago in the garden centre for just £3.00!! Its contents included some delicious jams chutneys ,biscuits etc. and was then suppose to become a small garden tool carrier. But..... like all crafters I knew it had more potential uses than being relegated to the potting shed. or worse !!  I have taken it along to several workshops, carrying my crafting tools and some members of the class have then rushed to buy their own. Alas, this was last year, but it was in the Seasonal Department Sale at the Wyvale Garden Centre, so eyes peeled for it this year!!. It's just the right size for all my bits and not at all bulky. I have been meaning to make it look a little less like a garden tool carrier for ages and so this week have sewn on some lovely flowers and brads.

These are super extra thick felted flowers and as you can see, the bag is a heavy duty hessian so should last for ages1
This shows the bag a little better, but I didn't like the side panels as they looked quite empty, so I added an extra large flower to either side!! I must learn when enough is enough.

and......here's the final article, hope you like it. Now I see the colours on the screen, I realise they're quite autumnal! I must have been getting prepared for the season. That's a thought, maybe I need to go to the sale this year and see if I can get another three and have one for each season. I'll keep you posted on that one!!

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